Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friends Forever: A Peek at the Final 3J 3D-Printed Class Photo

BUT FIRST...I would like to give a ginormous shout out to Matthew Griffin, Director of Community & Support Adafruit Industries.  Matt was the inspiration and driving force behind our class 3D printed portrait.  He pitched in at every turn-- from lending us his 3D printer,   teaching how to use the different software required, hooking us up with the amazing Fred, and jumping in for a last minute scanning session.  Matt is a tireless and gifted technological genus!  If you are at all curious about 3D printing check out Matt's book: Design and Modeling for 3D Printing.

♥ Thank you Matt!

*Unfortunately, we didn't notice when we quickly shot them just how shallow the depth of focus was, and so each image shifts out of focus a little either in the front or the back row.  For now hopefully you can see the spirit of the piece, and you can see it in person on the night of the auction!
Thank you everyone so much for your unwavering patience and support!!

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