Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pupil Printing

A few steps before printing: 
Very Luckily for us, the scans of our class got a lot of love and attention and were cleaned up by Fred both on site while the kids observed the process and then later on back at his office. 
Below is a quick peek into some of the computer programs used in our 3D printing process.
A big shout-out goes out to Matthew Griffin, 3D printing genius friend and consultant who has guided every step of this process. 
*More about Matt in the next post...

Above is an example of what the files look like in MeshLab, an open-source 3D Mesh processing software.
Here we are using a program called Sculptris, which is a virtual sculpting software program which in our case was used on some of the files to heighten details.

Above: MakerWare is software that enables you to prepare 3D models for building and send them to your MakerBot.

Printing in process. Can anyone recognize who this is?

A visitor gets a surprise peek at one of the first figures (and creates a special display shelf on his head)

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